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Biala-Meris Inc.

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Biala-Meris Inc is the manufacturer developed a new technology for the cooking industry that is called 3xinfra. It belongs to the Eco-friendly and healthy cooking category of modern cooking. Now we are looking for qualified independent agents/ distributors to market our products. If your company is interested and in a position to market BialaMeris Inc. full line of 3xinfra rotisserie machine. We encourage you to contact us to learn about our products for healthy cooking equipment technology. In fact, it is the only cooking process that can cook evenly and simultaneously from inside to outside sections of the meat, without the harmful effects of radiation. It is patented by the USPTO ,NSF International certified and U.L . We have already launched the product featuring 2 models, 3xinfra28 and 3xinfra16. Materials stainless steel. Patented Made in USA .This machine can cooked roasted chicken,lechon pig, pork loin, pork ribs, lamb, beef, turkey, duck, fish, seafood and vegetables . Note: In one machine only and option for fixtures attachment.

Note: We are looking for agents, dealers and distributors to market our products. Please send your resume and your company business proposal . email me at


For more information , Please visit our website Please contact: officially in charge in sales and marketing division in 50 States . Marketing Manager Ferdinand

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